Living room cleaning
  • Clear the clutter. Tour the room with a laundry basket in tow, picking up any out-of-place items for redistribution later.
  • Speed-dust at eye level. Grab two electrostatic or microfiber cloths. Rotate out the grimy cloth, or opt for quick two-handed dust-busting.
  • Fluff pillows and fold throws. These small adjustments result in big visual impact.
  • Also vacuum or dry-mop the floor.Concentrate on areas around doorways, which harbor tracked-in dirt.
  • Tackle upholstery and window treatments. Use the vacuum’s brush attachment to get dust off sofas and chairs. Clean under and behind cushions, then flip them to distribute wear evenly. Close the curtains and use a vacuum attachment to clean. For blinds, wear each slat with a damp microfiber cloth.

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