Organizing the kitchen

Keeping the kitchen organized helps us to be more efficient – we can easily locate what we need at a moment’s notice, put into use time-saving gadgets we forgot we had, and reduce the gadget clutter that so easily accumulates.

Gadget drawers just seem to evolve from the need to store what doesn’t fit in the cutlery or other drawer, and that can include such items as egg slicers, spatulas, ice cream scoops, cookie cutters, measuring cups and spoons, specialty gadgets, pastry cutters and several spatulas and turners – just to name a few. Here are steps to restructure and better organize all these utensils.

Relocate Sharp Knives & Tools

Sharp objects do not belong in a congested gadget drawer. Reduce the risk of injury, by safely storing knives, and other sharp kitchen tools in their own storage units.

Use Tool Holders

Consider putting spatulas, turners, flippers, and other everyday use items in a tool holder on the counter. There are many tool holders available on the market to suit every decor. Even the base of a stable canister that is not in use, can function as a tool holder. There are also holders that can be attached to the wall to save counter space.

Group & Relocate Specialty Items to Small Storage Bins

Items that are seasonal or meet a special need should be relocated to a small labelled clear plastic bin, or small plastic drawer unit, that can be stored in a pantry or closet, and which can be easily accessed when required.

  • Cookie cutters and decorations
  • Canning tools like cherry pitters, strawberry hullers, jar lifters, lids and rings
  • Measuring cups and spoons – If you have a few, keep handy a small amount, and store the rest in a bin that can be easily retrieved on baking day.
  • Children’s accessories for special baking or playdough, like small rolling pins, and cutters
  • Tools to garnish or decorate
  • Party and birthday accessories

Review Remaining Gadgets

  • Items you’ve never liked, or do not have a need for – consider exchanging with friends, giving them away or discarding altogether. We may have 5 egg flippers, but only like using two – it’s time to reduce the congestion.
  • Remove non-kitchen items to more suitable storage
  • Found some neat gadgets you forgot you had? Great – you can now see them and try them out.

Restructuring your gadget storage will make food prep more efficient, and you will not have to waste valuable time trying to ’round’ up all the necessary tools for specialty tasks.

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